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About Tommy

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

   TOMMY BURNETT is known for being  New York City's Favorite Mind Reader and has been performing around the world for over 40 years but he is also an ingenious inventor and creator of new and original magic and mind reading. He has honed his craft, wowing audiences with seemingly impossible feats of mental gymnastics and providing them with an experience that will last forever. "With TOMMY BURNETT you can definitely expect to be entertained!" Kyle Wexler, Analyst


TOMMY has performed magic and mentalism in 48 out of 50 of The United States and parts of Europe including Italy, England and Germany and also performed in Stockholm Sweden. He offers an entertaining and thought-provoking show that never fails to leave audiences amazed. "Mr. BURNETT created an unforgettable experience for my guests. he has a special passion for what he does." - Mary Halsey, Professor

   He is a member of The Society of American Magicians, The International Brotherhood of Magicians and The Magic Circle in London. TOMMY BURNETT not only performs worldwide but has also appeared on ABC, CBS and NBC News. He's also been featured in AM/NY and TIME OUT Magazines. whether he's performing for corporate events, private parties or television audiences, TOMMY BURNETT ensures that every show is tailored to the specific needs of your guests. With his uncanny ability to read minds, TOMMY BURNETT will leave you mesmerized and amazed! "TOMMY took us on a journey of self-discovery that I will not soon forget!"Phillip Tate, Writer

  TOMMY is a prolific creator of magic and mind reading effects for other performers, as well. Some of which can be seen here on this site... but you'll have to answer some questions first before you can enter the products page. He's also a an experienced motivational speaker and hosts workshops to help people discover their hidden potential.

Tommy Burnett's Clients & Media Features

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